About Giverly

Giverly – pronounced [giver-lee]; Adjective

1. Prone to giving; An attitude of generosity
2. Like the great Giver

Generous lives produce success and fruitfulness. A generous attitude in business and relationships leads to trust, growth and ever more positive results. We call this attitude “Giverly”. Giverly began with business people who believe that the Creator is the ultimate Giver and is generous in his dealing with us. We believe that he has designed us to thrive when we are generous towards others and all that he has created.Giverly uses online tools to connect communities of people who care about others. Giverly users are connected with opportunities to make significant financial savings and share that value with the causes that that they care about. Giverly promotes a culture of generous living.

The Giverly vision is to change how the world sees giving. We see a fresh global movement of giving: Giving of money, time and wisdom. This is just the start.

The mission is to encourage everyone in the world to be giverly.
We want to change the world – do you?

Transformation, Not Transactions

Your organization is committed to changing lives. So are we. We love to see lives transformed. However, we live in a world that reduces everything to impersonal independent transactions. It can be a real challenge not to see your donors as a revenue stream made up of credit card transactions. That is why we built Giverly. Let us explain.

Building donor loyalty is a process that has many potential pathways. Each path is made of steps that engage the donor with the mission and outcomes of your organization. The main goal of building loyalty is not to raise money. This is commonly misunderstood. Financial support is great, and a key indicator of loyalty and care. However, when we are committed to a transformational donor experience our ultimate goal is to build Champions of our cause. What are Champions, you ask? Champions are vocal advocates that are fully invested in the people, purpose and passion of your cause. Champions do things to support the cause that internal staff members could never accomplish. The more Champions you have in your organization, the stronger and more effective you become.

So, do you see the difference? Developing loyal relationships is about engaging your donor’s heart in way that brings them joy and supports your mission. When we see building relationships with donors as an opportunity to contribute to their lives by helping them reap the benefits of generous living, we have truly embraced the idea of transformational giving.

We built a platform for non-profit professionals like you to engage your donors in a new way. Giverly is a new giving option for your inactive, lapsed and non-donors to engage and financially support your organization through their online activity. We call this process “pre-donor engagement” and we have proven that it is a gateway to direct financial support.

We understand the realities of the donor development process because we have been doing it for the last 15 years.

More Loyalty – Giverly is a donor engagement platform. Donor engagement is Giverly was built with the needs of Non-profit organizations in mind. We understand fundraising is a challenge…and any way we can help engage your non and lapsed donors by encouraging them to shop, save and search on your behalf.

More Intelligence – Know More – we know who cares enough to support your organization. We share this valuable data with you so you can use it to inform your multi-channel donor development program.

More Money – Raise More – The leading online retailer pays non-profit organizations one-half percent (.05%) as a commission. Giverly pays 3% on average. That up to 6 times more!